Useful addresses

Once you have settled down in France, we would advise you to locate the town hall of your town of residence, together with the local shops, market, school, Social Security centre (CPAM), the family allowances centre (CAF), the maternal and infantile protection service (PMI), the dispensary or hospital, and the police station. You should note down the details of these bodies as they may be of use to you, particularly at the beginning of your stay in France.



For rail timetables and tariffs, consult the website of the French national railway company (SNCF)

For airlines, the website of the Aéroports de Paris

For urban transport:

Sport and leisure

Some of the sites for cultural and sports activities:

Ministry of Culture and Communication:

Cultural calendar of the Paris City Hall:


- Telephone
France is geographically divided into 5 zones: Paris and the Ile-de-France (01), the Northwest and West (02), the North and Northeast (03), the Southeast (04) and the Southwest (05)
Obtaining a telephone line:
- The Post Office: opening hours and services provided

In the event of an emergency, dial:

  • 15: SAMU (medical emergencies)
  • 17: Police-Secours
  • 18: Fire brigade
  • 112 from a mobile telephone