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If you wish to use a private vehicle with your licence, there are a number of procedures to be conducted.

If you are from a Member State of the European Union, no particular formality is required.

If you are from another country, you may use your licence for a period of one year as from the date of acquisition of usual residence in France, provided certain conditions are met:
  • you should have obtained your driving licence before the issue of your first residence permit;
  • the licence must not have expired;
  • the licence was issued by the State in which the applicant normally resides;
  • the licence should be drafted in French or accompanied by an official translation;
  • the applicant should be of a minimum age for driving vehicles of the equivalent category in France;
  • the applicant should not be the subject, in his/her country of origin, of any measure of suspension, endorsement or cancellation of the driving licence.

The applicant’s valid national driving licence may be exchanged for a French licence without the holder being required to take a driving test. The application must be made at the Préfecture within one year as from the date of acquisition of normal residence in France.

Beyond that period
, the national licence is no longer recognized and its holder loses any right to drive a vehicle for which a licence is required.
The person concerned must then apply for a driving test.
In the event of driving without a valid licence, the perpetrator of the offence is liable to a fourth-class fine.

Information at your local Préfecture or at the Préfecture de Police de Paris,

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