Work permit

For foreign students

The organization which hosts the foreign student is required to undertake a number of procedures:

  • establish a tripartite placement agreement signed by the training body of the student abroad, the host organization in France and the student. The agreement shall provide detailed content of the placement, its duration and pedagogical objectives:
  • submit the agreement, for examination, to the Direction départmentale du travail, de l’emploi et de la formation professionnelle (DDTEFP) at the place where the traineeship is to be conducted. Once the terms of the placement have been defined, the DDTEFP will send a letter of agreement to the employer. Otherwise, it may reject the application;
  • send the DDTEFP agreement to the student.

The student shall have the task, when necessary, of obtaining his/her entry visa to France from the consulate in his/her country on presentation of the agreement duly signed by the three parties, together with the letter from the DDTEFP.

On arrival in France, the student shall apply, where necessary, to the Prefecture of his/her place of abode, for a “student’s” residence permit if the traineeship exceeds a period of three months (he/she must present the passport with the visa, where appropriate, the letter from the DDTEFP, proof of a place of abode and proof of financial resources if the traineeship does not entail remuneration).