Residence permit

For a student

If you are in possession of a long-term visa for study purposes, you are required to apply for a residence permit, within 2 months after your arrival in France. The permit can be obtained from the Préfecture of your place of abode, or from the Préfecture of Police if you live in Paris.

Nationals from the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland

If you are from one of these countries and wish to establish your regular place of abode in France, you are not required to apply for a residence permit. You may, nevertheless, apply for one from your Préfecture.

Nationals from other countries

You are required to be in possession of a “European Community” residence permit. You must provide the following documents:

  • a valid passport bearing the “student” long-term visa or short-term visa with the observation “residence permit to be applied for on arrival in France”;
  • 3 recent identity photographs; full-face, without head cover, and of the 3.5 x 4.5 cm format;
  • proof of your place of abode: attestation from MINES ParisTech, rent receipt, gas or electricity bill. In the event of temporary accommodation, an attestation of accommodation provided by the landlord and a photocopy of his/her identity card or residence permit;
  • written proof of adequate means of subsistence (at least €460 per month);
  • your certificate of enrolment in a training course (attestation of university attendance);
  • documentary evidence of your social security cover.

You are also required to pay a charge to the Office de Migration International (OMI) for a first application. Europeans and Algerians, however, are not liable for this charge.

Note that for the Fontainebleau site, an agreement has been concluded between the School and the Préfecture. You must therefore consult Mme Peyrillou on +33 (0)1 64 69 47 22, Bureau R 02, Bâtiment A Couperin.