Installation in France

For students

If you are coming to study in a French institution, certain goods are exempt from any regulation in the context of the import of personal belongings:
- items required for study;
- furniture amounting to the normal furnishing of a student’s room, for private use.

Exemption from customs duties can be granted at least once per academic year.



You are required to provide the customs authorities with the following documents:
- a certificate of academic enrolment;
- a detailed inventory with an estimation of value, dated and signed in two copies;
- a form (Cerfa n°10 070*01) declaring entry into France under exemption of duty on personal belongings from a country outside the European Union, if you import belongings comprising valuable items or furniture.
In return, the customs authorities will issue a stamped copy of the inventory and a card authorizing the free movement of your personal belongings.

For further information, please contact:

Centre de renseignements douaniers de Paris
84, rue d’Hauteville
75498 Paris Cedex 10
Tel.: +33 (0)1 53 24 68 24