Long-term visa


A long-term visa may be obtained from the French consular services in your country of abode and:

  • you must possess a travel document (passport) valid for the whole duration of the planned stay in France, or of at least one year if the stay exceeds one year;
  • obtain and sign an application form for a long-term visa with standard-sized photographs, the number of which may vary according to consular requirements and the purpose of the stay;
  • pay the application fee: €99
  • provide written evidence with regard to the purpose of the stay and your personal circumstances.


A visa for staying in France is not required from nationals of the EU Member States with the exception of Bulgaria, Romania, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and the Vatican.

For additional information: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr

For foreign researchers wishing to enter France with their family, that situation must be indicated from the outset of the application process and all applications must be submitted simultaneously unless the family is to join the applicant much later. The request is to be submitted under the terms of “spouse of a scientific researcher” (whether the stay be short or long-term).