Customs formalities

For a change of residence


For EU nationals

If you are moving to France from a country in the European Union, no particular customs formalities are required.



For nationals from other countries

You can benefit from exemption of duties and taxes on the import of your personal belongings when you have lived in another country for at least 12 months and you wish to transfer you main place of abode to France.

Exemption applies to your personal belongings used for private purposes for at least six months prior to the change of residence, regardless of how they were acquired, including all taxes or duty free.

N.B.: Animals for riding, cycles and motorcycles, private cars and their trailers, caravans, sailing boats and private aeroplanes will have been the subject of customs charges and/or tax duty in the country of origin or provenance in order to benefit from exemption.
Exemption shall not apply to alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, means of transport of a utilitarian nature, mixed-purpose vehicles, mobile homes, material for professional use other than portable mechanical or liberal arts instruments, and stocks of raw materials and manufactured or semi-manufactured products.

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