Customs authorities

Nationals from the European Community

Within the European Community, personal belongings are allowed unrestricted movement, but some specific effects remain subject to checks and to declaration. That applies in particular to weapons, dual-use goods (civil and military), cultural goods (works of art), wildlife (plant or animal) species threatened with extinction, live animals and animal products, medication, wines, spirits and tobacco, etc.

The customs authorities will require justificatory documents such as receipt of purchase or customs receipt.




Nationals from or heading for a country outside the European Community

If you are not making a change of residence:

You may transfer your personal belongings to France under a temporary admission procedure. You are required, when passing through French customs, to display the equipment concerned (hi-fi system, portable computer, etc.), the corresponding invoices, and to prove that you are coming to France for a specified period. The customs officers will then require you to sign a bond note whereby you undertake to re-export those effects on departure from France. You will be required to pay a deposit which will be refunded to you on your departure after presentation of the goods involved. During your stay in France, you will not be allowed to sell or donate the objects declared. If you have a problem, do not hesitate to apply to the customs office in order to obtain appropriate advice.

If you are making a change of residence:

The previous procedure does not apply: seek advice from the customs office.


In all instances, remember to declare valuables and sums of money exceeding €10,000.
If you are coming from a Member State of the European Union, you should deposit your declaration at least 5 days before the beginning of your journey with:

Direction interrégionale des douanes et droits indirects de Roissy
aéroport Charles de Gaulle - rue du Signe
95701 ROISSY

If you are coming from a country outside the European Union, you should submit a declaration to the customs authorities when passing through the border checks.

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N.B.: Draw up a card for the movement of your personal effects before any travel abroad.

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