One’s budget

If you do not benefit from a grant or from Community programmes, you must provide proof that you have adequate means of subsistence (approximately €430 per month), corresponding to 70% of the monthly basic maintenance allowance paid to foreign grant-holders by the French Government.



The CNOUS (Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) estimates that a student in France needs a budget of approximately €600 per month. It should be noted, however, that this budget should be higher for Paris.

For information, the various expenses can be described as follows:

  • accommodation: from €150 for a room in a hall of residence to more than €400 for a studio;
  • food: €230
  • transport: €31
  • telephone: €30
  • miscellaneous expenses (clothes, entertainment, leisure, etc.).

N.B.: During the first month, the budget required is likely to reach as much as €1,500 as it must include:
- two months rent;
- a deposit for accommodation equivalent to one month’s rent;
- annual insurance for the accommodation: approximately €50;
- affiliation to the Social Security system: approximately €180;
- membership of a complementary health insurance scheme: from €70 to €285 according to the extent of cover;
- installation costs: telephone, electricity and transport.