Family allowances

For European and Swiss citizens residing in France

Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland may benefit from family allowances for their dependent children, provided they meet certain conditions:
  • reside on French territory (regularly or permanently) or have their principal place of abode there (for a stay of more than 6 months during the civil year for the payment of allowances);
  • the children should live permanently in France and be dependent on a European citizen in an effective and permanent manner (or on the person designated as beneficiary of allowances: e.g. spouse or partner).


To benefit from French family allowances, a European or Swiss citizen must also reside regularly (legally) in France. He/she must benefit from the right of abode, that is to say:

- either exercise a professional activity (salaried or not) in France;
- or possess, for themselves and members of the family, adequate resources and medical insurance. Students must provide proof that they fulfil these conditions.

N.B.: workers detached temporarily in France, in application of Community regulations or Social Security bilateral agreements, and exempt from affiliation to the French Social Security system, are not entitled to French family allowances. This rule applies when the spouse does not pay social security contributions.

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