Host agreement

For a researcher

Your host agreement must be drafted by the research body which you will attend and must indicate the purpose and duration of your stay and the existence of necessary resources. It will state whether you are adequately covered for:
- “health” risks;
- accidents that could occur during your research work.
If you are salaried, you therefore fully benefit from the social security cover given to salaried workers.
Once you have obtained that document, you will no longer need a work permit as your future resident’s permit with the “scientist” label will enable you to work in France.



N.B.: the “scientist” procedure may only be used if two essential conditions are met:
- to be in possession of a host agreement;
- to be the holder of a diploma at least equivalent to a Master’s degree.
This procedure has nonetheless been extended to salaried Ph.D. students if they benefit from an employment contract in France.