Recruitment of a tenure track assistant professor in automatic control

MINES Paris is hiring an assistant professor in automatic control

As part of the development of its research and teaching activities in the field of automatic control, MINES ParisTech, member of PSL University, is opening an assistant researcher position.

Open in the form of a fixed-term contract (initial duration of one year, renewable), this position is aimed at a young researcher (M / F) with a taste for multidisciplinary work at the interface of fundamental research and the industrial world. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with the economic community and will participate in the contractual research work of his team. He (she) will also have the possibility of defining a thesis subject from the first year of his / her stay in the Center; he / she will be called upon to co-supervise this thesis (supervised by an experienced member of CAS holding an habilitation to direct researches – HDR in French).

This position is intended to evolve into a permanent job as a teacher-researcher over a period of 3 years as part of a Tenure Track procedure. Candidates can find a description of this procedure on the MINES ParisTech website, at the address:


1.              RESEARCH AT MINES ParisTech

In line with its training activity, MINES ParisTech is developing a research activity that covers a very wide field of scientific disciplines. The eighteen research centers are organized into five departments: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Energetics and Processes, Mechanics and Materials, Mathematics and Systems, and finally Economy, Management and Society.


MINES ParisTech research aims at both academic excellence and socio-economic impact. This oriented research model is developed in close interaction with the socio-economic world: companies in the private or public sector, but also institutions and public administrations. MINES ParisTech is the leading school in France by its volume of research on contracts, carried by Armines, the MINES ParisTech Foundation or MINES ParisTech. This original positioning has enabled the School to expand its teams (by recruiting teachers-researchers on open-ended contracts with its own resources via the Armines contractual research association), and allows it to maintain over the long term unique experimental and digital platforms whose quality is recognized by its partners.


This ability of MINES ParisTech and companies to work together on ambitious scientific and industrial subjects is recognized nationally and internationally.



The Centre Automatique et Systèmes (CAS) is an internationally recognized research laboratory in control theory. The research developed at the CAS is focused on industrial and technological needs, while being the subject of leading scientific publications. The CAS also provides teaching missions for engineering students and doctoral students.

The laboratory wishes to strengthen its team of faculty and is looking for someone to work on control by developing research activities of interest to the industrial world.

The person recruited will be placed under the responsibility of the director of CAS and will reinforce the CAS currently composed of 8 permanent researchers based in Paris.


The person sought is a candidate who has demonstrated the ability to develop academic work in automatic control. It is expected that the candidate will have good autonomy allowing him to get involved in projects that he will determine, to find external resources through partnerships with various players in the industrial and academic worlds.


The CAS wishes to strengthen its team in mathematical decision sciences, in particular in mathematical and numerical optimization.

The successful candidate will have to develop his/her own creative research program around these themes, participate in various courses intended for both students and engineers, supervise doctoral students, publish in the best journals and international conferences and contribute to the development of the CAS partnership research activity.


The successful candidate will be encouraged to set up and teach small classes or courses that are part of the educational offer of MINES ParisTech. The teacher may also be required to intervene in the “Tronc Commun” and “Option” courses in the "Civil Engineer" cycle, particularly in the fields of Applied Mathematics. He/she may also intervene in Engineering Training Modules and Research Trimesters. He/she will participate in the selection and graduation of students. He/she will supervise doctoral students and engineering students. He/she will be able to participate in PSL teaching, in particular through Graduate Programs. He/she will contribute, if necessary, to the School e-learning offer or to replications abroad of the School's courses with its international partners, in French as well as in English. He/she will have to justify an educational experience in relevant fields. He/she will take on his share of the administrative work of organizing courses.

The ability to provide instruction in English is required. Digital teaching experience is a plus.


The position is for a researcher holding a doctorate in Applied Mathematics and/or Systems and Control (stochastic optimization, nonlinear programming, mixed integer programming, graph optimization) with a focus on practical problems. A post-doctoral period in a research laboratory different from the one in which he (she) will have carried out his / her doctorate, and preferably within an institution or a foreign laboratory will be strongly appreciated.

The candidate must have demonstrated a good ability to work in a team, in order to develop his research activities in collaboration with the teams of the CAS or other French and foreign laboratories.

The candidate will be required to collaborate in setting up and coordinating projects combining theoretical research and industrial applications.

The candidate will also have the following qualities:

  • an excellent aptitude for research, in particular partnership;
  • strong motivation for education and training;
  • excellent interpersonal skills.

Fluency in spoken and written English is imperative.



3.             APPLICATION FILE

The application file will include the following elements:

  • a cover letter,
  • a scientific project to be developed at CAS,
  • a detailed CV,
  • a list of works and publications,
  • thesis and defense reports,
  • if possible three letters of recommendation which will be sent directly to the address below by personalities chosen by the candidate. Alternatively, the application file will include the names and contact details of at least three scientific personalities who may be requested to give an opinion on the candidate's work and abilities.


The file must be sent, before November 1st, 2021, to:


Centre Automatique et Systèmes – MINES ParisTech
60 bd St Michel
75272 PARIS
à l’attention du Directeur du Centre, Nicolas PETIT

and/or by email at


Applications will be examined by a jury comprising both representatives of the School and external scientific personalities. The candidates selected during the preselection of applications will be invited to present their background, their work, and their scientific project to this jury.


For more information, candidates may contact the School's human resources department, and / or Nicolas PETIT.