Industrial upgrading

Upgrade scientific production
The Carnot M.I.N.E.S institute regroups 33 centres of research of schools from the Ministry of Industry, working in order to upgrade their production for the companies and society.

This is done by:
- constant development of the contents of education (engineering, research, specialized master degrees...),
- training of more than 750 doctoral candidates in industrial themes and directly in the centres
- job training and continuing education on request or scheduled,
- publishing of knowledge through articles in scientific or professional publications, publishing of reference works, industrial journals,
- support for the creation of companies using these innovations.


Advanced research
The contractual activity (more than 35 M€/year, of this 12 to 13 M€ directly with the companies) is the key factor for upgrading. It allows the main scientific sectors of the institute to advance (earth sciences, environment, energy…) as well as the targeted applications (sustainable development, exploitation and protection of natural resources, security, transport, health etc.).
This activity continues in the form of the enhancing of the status of intellectual property from all of the activities (patent rights, licences, software…).