Mechanical and Materials engineering

MinesParisTech teaches Mechanical and Materials engineering, both in basic and advanced courses while applied research is conducted in three different centres totalling about 80 staff and 200 master’s and PhD candidates and concerns a large variety of materials (metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, composites and structural assemblies, functional materials, biomaterials).

The experimental approach combines the study of micro structures and constitution of surfaces and interfaces at all scales, of physical and electrical properties and  mechanical characterization under a variety of stresses including the effect of environment and radiations. Processing and shaping aspects consider the rheology and the reactivity of materials at elevated temperatures.

Experimental work is combined with numerical modelling activities resting on strong physical bases and linking all scales.

Innovations concern materials development along that of associated processes and the development of original commercially available softwares for mechanical behaviour, life prediction and optimized shaping.