PERSEE: Centre for processes, renewable energies and energy systems


PERSEE’s activities mainly concern new energy technologies and renewable energies. The Centre’s ambition is to contribute to developing innovative technologies and methods so as to increase their share in the future energy mix. Research at PERSEE is organized around three themes: i) synthesis of (nano) materials and advanced components, ii) conception and study of sustainable and efficient processes, especially for energy storage and conversion, and iii) optimal integration of these technologies and processes into energy systems, electric grids and other energy infrastructures.

PERSEE’s research and teaching teams have been recognized for their work for more than thirty years. To accomplish its mission, the Centre associates computer modelling and experimental techniques, drawing from solid expertise in a range of general and specific disciplines such as chemistry, physical chemistry of materials, electrochemistry, process engineering, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, electrical engineering, applied mathematics and statistics. Its multiple research fields include high-performance building envelopes, thermo-chemical biomass development, fuel cells, hydrogen technologies, renewable energy integration, smart grids …




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