Department Energy and processes

There is an ever greater need for a sound command of the processes and systems for the production and consumption of energy, either to respond to threats related to climate change, the depletion of low-cost fossil resources and the impact of pollution on the environment and public health, or to respond to expectations nurtured by the development of fuel cells and hydrogen, the use of renewable materials and energy sources and the prospect of new energy systems with high performance and limited pollution.

As pluridisciplinarity is an essential feature of these challenges, the Department Energy and Processes (DEP), the only research centre in this department, has been developing skills in various fields. This diversity enables the Centre to carry out its training commitments as well as those related to the dissemination of the most recent technological developments in all sectors of activity. With that aim in mind, the DEP endeavours to develop its capacity for innovation and research in technological disparities in accordance with challenges raised by its numerous industrial partners. This approach would appear to be of prime importance at a time when challenges in the field of energy and the environment are such that they can only be met through the simultaneous endeavours of all economic players concerned.