A European dimension

10th French structure of contractual research

For twelve years now ARMINES participates in the important research programs of Europe. Since 1993 a specific team exists, the delegation for European affairs, charged with the task to accompany scientists in their participation in these programs. Since 2004 this team has also taken over responsibilities for administrative and financial coordination of important European consortiums in the context of the 6th and the 7th framework programmes for technological research and development (PCRDT).

ARMINES is the 10th French partner of the European Commission in the context of the 6th PCRDT.

Preparing the 7th PCRDT

In 2007 20 contracts had been modified for a sum of 4,4M€ in the context of a first call for bids of the 7th PCRDT. Amongst these 4 CRAFT contracts with small and medium sized industries have been created via a specific partnership with the British R6D company PERA, destined to reinforce the presence of smaller and medium sized enterprises in projects of the European community.

A European network

ARMINES is also part of the European association EARTO, European Organisation of Research and Technological Organisation, uniting most of the European structures dedicated to research and transfer to the industry (Fraunhofer, TNO, VTT, SINTEF, etc.).