The origins of joint research

The concept of research “orientated” towards the industry is at the base of the creation of ARMINES in 1967. At that time the weak relations between the worlds of education, of research and of the companies was considered as a serious lack in the French system. Since then the situation improves constantly.

An original culture

This type of research is based on an exchange between scientists and the industry, it´s neither pure research nor competitive but joint research. This results in an original culture where the scientific approach meets the industrial dimension. This form of research has to be managed using an adapted framework and it functions based on co-financing contributing to the development of research centres. The latter work using the means supplied by ARMINES and the partner schools.

Evolving knowledge

This type of research contributes to the improvement of the technological standard and to the scientists’ progression in their fields of expertise. It´s also the motor for an education by research with, as a consequence, an important annual fluctuation of young scientists turning towards the industry, essential vector of the “transfer” of knowledge and know-how.

Active participation in research

ARMINES is a structure for contractual research with 90% of its personnel in research centres. More than 600 employees at ARMINES (teaching scientists, research engineers, doctoral candidates, postgraduates, technicians, administrative personnel) support research together with their colleagues from the schools in “joint” research centres from ARMINES/ Schools.


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