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Coupling of a nano-lubricant with a cold spray coating in the limit of lubrication regime

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseMécanique numérique et Matériaux
Doctoral SchoolSFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées
SupervisorMONTMITONNET Pierre
Co-supervisorLAHOUIJ Imene
Research unitCentre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux
KeywordsTribology, lubrication additives, surface analysis
AbstractThe PhD is part of the Elub-Mobility project funded by the National
Research Agency (ANR). It aims to explore a new lubrication solution
addressing both the nature of the surfaces in contact and the lubrication
additives in order to meet the environmental standards that require
reducing energy losses in the automotive sector.
ProfileEngineer's degree and / or Master of Science
- Good level of general and
scientific culture. Good level of knowledge of French (B2 level in French
is required) and English (B2 level in English is required) Good analytical,

Specific Skills
synthesis, innovation and communication skills. Qualities of adaptability
and creativity. Motivation for research activity. Coherent professional
Master or engineering degree in materials science with good knowledge
of surface analysis, coatings and nanomaterials.
A first experience in Tribology will be appreciated
Motivation for experimental work.

to apply : send a mail to
FundingFinancement par crédits ANR