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Study of solidification microstructures competitions

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseMécanique numérique et Matériaux
Doctoral SchoolSFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées
SupervisorGANDIN Charles-André
Co-supervisorSENNINGER Oriane
Research unitCentre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux
Keywordsmicrostructure, solidification
AbstractIn this thesis, we propose to use and develop the CEMEF modelling tools for calculating the growth law of solidification structures and analyse microstructural competitions in multi-constituted alloys. A first part of the thesis work will consist in developing these tools to predict the growth laws of eutectic microstructures in multi-constituted alloys, in particular for rapid solidification processes, such as additive manufacturing processes.
ProfileSkills, abilities requested Master 2 or engineering school with program in materials science or in condensed matter physics. Programming knowledge would be appreciated.

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FundingContrat de recherche