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Numerical simulation by finite element method of the optic fibre drawing containing nanoparticles

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseDOCTORAT PHYSIQUE
Doctoral SchoolDoctoral School for Fundamental and Applied Sciences
SupervisorM. Franck PIGEONNEAU
Co-supervisorM. Wilfried BLANC
Research unitCentre for material forming
Starting dateOctober 1st 2022
Keywordsnumerical analysis, fluid mechanics, glass, phase separation, heat transfer, high temperature
AbstractOptical fibers have become key components in a wide range of applications in telecommunications, health and the environment. To meet the growing demand for new applications, a new family of optical fibers is being developed, based on the presence of nanoparticles. Such fibers have already demonstrated very high application potential but still require a reliable manufacturing process. Based on preliminary results, this PhD. thesis focuses on the drawing stage of the optical fiber preform. The drawing conditions have crucial effects on the nanoparticles but the underlying physical mechanisms are still poorly understood. In this PhD. thesis, a numerical model of the drawing of optical fiber containing nanoparticles will be developed taking into account the aerodynamics of the gas flowing in the drawing tower, the high-temperature heat transfer, the fiber drawing and the dynamics of nanoparticles. The results will be compared with specifically prepared optical fibers. This PhD. thesis work will enable the development of a manufacturing process to select the optical losses in an embedded nanoparticle fiber in accordance with the targeted applications.
ProfileThe main skills required are modelling in continuum mechanics and more particularly in fluid mechanics. Good knowledge of numerical methods for solving non-linear partial differential equations is required. Similarly, the candidate should have good programming skills in C++ or other object-oriented languages.
FundingConcours pour un contrat doctoral
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