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Modeling of continuous dynamic recrystallisation (CDRX)

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseComputational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral SchoolDoctoral School for Fundamental and Applied Sciences
SupervisorM. Marc BERNACKI
Co-supervisorMme Nathalie BOZZOLO
Research unitCentre for material forming
Starting dateOctober 1st 2022
KeywordsDigital twins, HPC, Computational Metallurgy, Interface networks, Front tracking and front capturing approaches, Aluminum and Zirconium alloys
AbstractIn this context, the efficient and robust modeling of evolving in- terfaces like grain boundary networks is an active research topic, and numerous numerical frameworks exist. In the context of hot metal forming and when large deformation of the calculation do- main and the subsequent migration of grain boundary interfaces are involved, a new promising, in terms of computational cost, 2D front tracking method called ToRealMotion algorithms [1,2] was recently developed.
This PhD will be firstly dedicated to the extension of existing nu- merical framework dedicated to the modeling of discontinuous dy- namic recrystallization where recovery is not a predominant mech- anism to the context of CDRX where progressive evolution of sub- grain interfaces (low misorientation) into grain boundaries (high misorientation) by dislocation accumulation, annihilation and re- arrangement must be considered. Pre-existing developments [3] in context of a level-set full-field formulation will be improved and this mechanism will also be integrated to the ToRealMotion front-tracking algorithms.
ProfileDegree: MSc or MTech in Metallurgy, with excellent academic record.
Skills: Numerical Modeling, Metal- lurgy, proficiency in English, ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team.
FundingFinancement par une entreprise