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Data-driven Stochastic 3D Microstructure modeling for learning mechanical properties

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseMechanics
Doctoral SchoolISMME - Systems Engineering, Materials, Mechanics, Energy
SupervisorM. Henry PROUDHON
Research unitCentre of materials
ContactPROUDHON Henry
Starting dateOctober 1st 2022
KeywordsMicrostructure, 4D imaging, Digital twin, Mechanics ; Damage, Convolutional neural network, AI & physics ; Virtual materials testing
AbstractDamage localization, which leads to brittle or ductile failure in metal alloys, is a phenomenon induced by the local stress state within polycrystalline microstructures. The variety of observed mechanical behaviors results from the interactions between applied macroscopic stress and morphology within the microstructure. Combined with machine learning methods, phase-field and “FFT” numerical approaches allows one to explore microstructure-property relationships and identify structures of interest in terms of mechanical response. The aim of this thesis is to explore the relationships between polycrystalline texture and mechanical response using representative morphology simulations taking into account the wide range of grain shapes, granulometry or even polycrystalline texture encountered in real materials. To do this, a machine learning method using fast Fourier transform calculations will be implemented in order to determine configurations of interest. The fracture behavior will be explored by statistical learning methods and classification methods will be implemented to explore the mechanical responses of γ-TiAl alloys.
ProfileEngineer and / or Master of Science – excellent level in science and general culture. Good level of knowledge of French (B2 level in french is required) and English (B2 level in english is required).
Essential qualities sought for for this international project, are: human qualities, communication, creativity, autonomy and adaptation, but also teaching skills, and a strong motivation for research.
We will particularly appreciate a good level in programming, numerical calculation methods and statistical learning, knowledge of mechanics.

Applicants should supply the following :
- a detailed resume,
- a copy of the identity card or passport,
- a covering letter explaining the applicant’s motivation for the position,
- detailed exam results ,
- two references : the name and contact details of at least two people who could be contacted
- to provide an appreciation of the candidate,
- Your notes of M1, M2,
- level of English equivalent TOEIC,
any other document establishing your qualities for this thesis

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