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Numerical modeling of precipitation and optimization of “in istu” thermal treatments of LBM process on aerospace superalloys

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseComputational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral SchoolDoctoral School for Fundamental and Applied Sciences
SupervisorMme Oriane Senninger
Research unitCentre for material forming
Starting dateOctober 1st 2022
KeywordsModeling, solid-state precipitation, additive manufacturing
AbstractThe thesis work consists in modeling the precipitation/dissolution sequences of the hardening phases during the additive manufacturing process for two nickel-based superalloys. This work can be split in two parts:
The first objective will be to model the thermal history of the part during its manufacture and at any point of the solidified metal. For this, the finite element model developed by Zhang et al. [1] will be used.
The second objective is to develop a numerical model to predict the evolution of the distribution of precipitates according to the local thermal history of the material. For this, we will develop the mean field model PREC [2, 3] from the CEMEF PhysalurgY library [4]. This library constitutes a bank of tools for modeling microstructural evolutions coupled with the Thermo-Calc software and its thermodynamic databases [5].
These two modeling works and their coupling will make it possible to simulate the evolution of the distribution of precipitates during the manufacture of nickel-based superalloy parts by LPBF additive manufacturing. The simulation results will be confronted with experimental observations carried out on the one hand within the framework of another thesis of the NILS project, and on the other hand on the industrial equipment of Safran Additive Manufacturing Campus. Working in strong research-industry synergy will give the possibility to propose modifications to the process to optimize the manufacture of strategic engine components.
ProfileMaster 2. Knowledges in metallurgy required
FundingFinancement d'une association ou fondation