PhD opportunities

Understanding phase transitions in bio-gels for structure/properties control of bio-aerogels and for making responsive biomaterials.

Thesis proposal

Area of expertiseComputational mechanics and Materials
Doctoral SchoolSFA - Sciences Fondamentales et Appliquées
SupervisorMme Tatiana BUDTOVA
Research unitCentre for material forming
Starting dateOctober 25th 2021
Keywordshydrogels, polysaccharides, solutions, rheology, gels, bio-aerogels
AbstractIn addition to the fundamental scientific importance of this topic in the area of soft matter science, such a description will help the development of the following applications: i) controlling bio-aerogel properties and ii) making bio-based sensors. Bio-aerogels are new biomass-based lightweight nanostructured materials with strong potential in life science applications. Another very promising application of bio-aerogels is thermal insulation.
ProfileKnowledge in polymer chemical physics, capability to work in group, fluent in English,
mobility, motivation and sense of initiative and capability to report regularly on his/her work.
The position is for a student with Master degree.
FundingFinancement par crédits ANR
PartnershipGross annual salary: about 26 k€/year.
The position is available now (as soon as possible).