Studying for a doctorate at MINES ParisTech : an exceptional opportunity

Facts and figures

  • Hundred of PhD students a year
  • 100 PhDs awarded annually
  • 25 % of women
  • 30 % of foreigners (48 nationalities)
  • 50 % engineers
  • 280 researchers  involved in supervision of thesis

MINES ParisTech goals for the doctorate

Doctoral courses at MINES ParisTech have a twofold vocation :
  • training high-level scientific PhDs, ready to join companies and to conduct innovative industrial projects
  • training future research-academics able to conduct research programmes aimed at academic excellence while developing partnerships with economic and social players, in the public and private sectors alike.
During the three years of research spent in one of the School’s research centres, doctorate students benefit from a particularly wide range of expertise.
Doctoral projects are, in their great majority, in partnership with companies, and industrial partners are often involved in the supervisory team.
This research project conducted with a company provides personnal and professionnal experiences of the economic world.

Doctoral students are integrated in one of the10 research unities of the school :

  • located in Paris, Evry, Fontainebleau, Palaiseau and Sophia Antipolis
  • covering 5 research fields :
    • Earth and environmental sciences
    • Energy and processes
    • Mechanics and materials
    • Mathematics and systems
    • Economics, management, society