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     Contacts for Doctoral Fields (to candidate)

Earth & Environmental Science

Geosciences and geoengineering

M. Tijani

Energy and Processes

 Energy and Processes

L. Fulcheri

Mechanics and Materials

Materials Science and Engineering

L. Laiarinandrasana

Computational  Mechanics and Materials

F. Bay


V. Maurel

Mathematics and Systems

Mathematics and Control Engineering

J. Lévine

Control, Optimisation, Prospective V. Roy

Real-time Computer Science, Robotics, Systems and Control

P. Jouvelot

Geostatistics and applied probability

H. Wackernagel

Mathematical Morphology

J. Angulo

Computational Biology

J.P. Vert

Economy, Management, Society

Economics and Finance 

P. Fleckinger

Engineering and Management

B. Segrestin

Socio-Economics and Innovation

A. Hennion

Science and Enginering of Hazardous Activities

V. Godfrin