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MS ENVIM - International Environmental Management



ISIGE is MINES ParisTech's training department dedicated to environment and sustainable development. Created in 1992, it designed the first specialized training in environment in France. With this pioneering spirit, it has been excelling for over twenty years in the training of experts able to understand specific environmental issues and assume high responsibility functions. Our experts are trained to get an overall approach, at the forefront of the environmental innovation.
It is entirely taught in English.


The EnviM programs propose a multidisciplinary advanced training which strongly focus on the management of environmental and energy projects in a multicultural context. The programs are taught in partnership with universities internationally recognized for their academic excellence (Tsinghua University, University of Pennsylvania, INSA Lyon). Training is entirely conducted in English. The program is available in two options :
EnvIM Option Europe (12 months), a program based on the French approach of environmental issues, to manage environmental projects in France and Europe.
EnvIM- Option Asia (14 months): a multicultural program including a 3-month exchange with Tsinghua University (China) and leading to a double degree Tsinghua University MINES Paristech.


1. Natural systems and resources
2. Institutions - Public policies International conventions and stakeholders
3. Pollution prevention and control
4. Life cycle thinking
5. Climate change and environmental issues of energy
6. Sustainable strategies for industry
7. The environment at the territorial and urban levels
8. Language, cultural and institutional aspects
The programme includes several case studies, interactive exercises, and study trips. Severa teaml projects are undertaken at the same time by students.

Professional assignment:
Lasting six months, the assignment aims at advancing a strategic environmental subject into a company. For the student, this is the opportunity to develop his/her earlier curriculum and recent acquisitions from the Advanced Master's degree in the field, by successfully carrying out a significant project in a professional setting.
For example
- Study of South East Asia biomass fuels for direct combustion - DPCleanTech
- Business model of water services for climate change adaptation in emerging countries Suez Environnement
- Life cycle assessment for a new CO2 reuse business model - Air Liquide
- Cities and sustainable water management - Volia

Skills acquired

- Scientific knowledge in engineering and environmental management, including political, social, and regulatory issues
- Methodologies and tools for analysis, diagnosis, and quantification
- Management of multidisciplinary projects
- Ability to communicate, listen, and negotiate
- Critical mindset, the ability to work in a team and in a multicultural context

Professional openings

- Environmental supervisor in a large industrial group, department head
- Consultant in large consulting firms, credit rating agencies, and engineering firms


- A multicultural experience, with fieldtrips in Europe and Asia (for the EnvIM Option Asia program)
- Participation by international experts who are recognised in their fields, industrialists, and teacher-researchers
- The possibility to finance the training through an industrial or institutional partnership
- Forward-looking, strategic professional assignment topics
- High rate of direct hiring
- International alumni network

Web Site Download Supervisors
http://www.isige.mines... PDF version Cathy Descamps-Large - Mines Paris
Keywords Requirements Admission

- Young graduates of the Grandes Ecoles in engineering, management, or of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques, or university graduates with a Specialised Master's (Master 2) degree
- Foreign students with fluent english and with a Master's-level degree (300 credits European Master)
Very high level of English necessary

in-depth study of each applicant's file, interview and editorial exercise.

Online applications

Location Program Language Student Life

Fontainebleau, Paris and Beijing


EnvIM Option Europe : 12 months
Beginning of programme : January
End of the programme : End of November of next year

EnvIM Option Asia :14 Months
Beginning of programme : September
End of the programme : End of November of next year

Cost Contacts Duration
13 000 possibility of being financed by an industrial partnership option Asia 9 000 option Europa Cathy Descamps-Large, tel : +33.(0)
14 ou 12 Months
ECTS Credits :

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