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MS ENR - Renewable Energy



The MINES Paristech Advanced Master's Degree "Renewable Energy" (ENR) is a high-level up-to-date European Post-Master educational programme specialized in the fied of energy.
It is certified by the French Conference des Grandes Ecoles (C.G.E.).
Lectures are given in French and English.


This Advanced Master's degree aims to give already graduated Engineers a technical specialization on renewable energies such as solar or wind energy or hybride systems.
At the end of the program, they will be able to propose technical solutions to industries in this sector.
This programme is delivered in partnership with EUREC (EUropean Renewable Energy Centres) and the Universities of Loughborough, Saragosse, Oldenbourg, Newcastle, Athens and Kassel in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece.


The programme begins with theoretical courses followed by a pratical mission.

The theoretical courses (8 months) are divided in two parts:
First part: core competencies (4 months)
This part takes place in the MINES ParisTech research center CEP in Sophia Antipolis near Nice:
1. Basic technical knowledge on the different renewable energy technologies
2. Core Solar
3. Core Wind
4. Core Bioenergy
5. Core Water
Second part: specialization (4 months)
This part take place in one of the 6 European Universities partners of the programme in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom or Greece.
To know more about the program, see the Advanced Master's ENR web site.

Practical mission (6 months)
The practical mission is realized in an industrial context, in a company or a research center in connection with a specialization. The student will be supervised by a researcher and a representative from the company hosting the mission. The mission will be closed by a professional thesis and an oral defense.

Skills acquired

The learning outcomes can be expressed as follows :
- Sound understanding of the energy sector including renewable and conventional energy technologies
- Basic technical knowledge on the different renewable energy technologies:
o evaluation of the resource
o introduction to the conversion process
o performance of systems in operation
o tools for simulation and sizing
- Ability to make an economic evaluation of the profitability and competitiveness of renewable energy projects.

Professional openings

Project manager in the renewable energy sector, in a big firm or in a small company, as in start ups.


- Excellent scientific and technical supervision of the Department of Research of Energetic Process of MINES ParisTech
- EUREC agency network in the Renewable Energy
- Experience in two European countries
- Small classes with individual supervising

Web Site Download Supervisors
http://www.master.eure... PDF version Andrea Michiorri - MINES ParisTech
Keywords Requirements Admission

MINES ParisTech, Advanced Master, Renewable Energy, EUREC, solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, water energy, hybrid energy, technical expertise on renewable energies, Sophia Antipolis, post-master

- Graduates with a Master degree or equivalent (5 years university curriculum)
- Exceptionally graduates with a Bachelor degree or equivalent (4 years university curriculum)
- A good level in French and in English is required

CV, application form and interview.
Dead-line for submission: June 30th.

Location Program Language Student Life

Sophia Antipolis , France (near Nice)


Beginning of the programme: September
End of the programme: end of December of the next year

Cost Contacts Duration
8000 (possibility to be covered by a company sponsoring) Marie-Jeanne CONDO +33 4 97 15 71 48 15 Months
ECTS Credits : 90

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