Career outcomes and stories

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Survey of recent graduates

We carry out a yearly survey to know what our recent graduates are doing. The answer rate for this survey is 100%.

Our latest figures show that:


On the international scene: 11% start to work abroad. 

Considering sectors, the possibilities are vast:


The average yearly gross salary for a graduate in 2010 was 44 400€. This is one of the highest average for an engineering school in France.

After 2 years of activity (graduates from the 2008 class), the average is 51 300€.


Exceptional achievements

Among all the graduates of the programme, many managed to attain high positions or distinctions, in the economic world as well as in academics.


Jean-Louis BEFFA ICM 1963 is Chairman of the Board of Directors Saint-Gobain.
Bertrand Collomb ICM 1963 is Director and Honorary Chairman Lafarge
Thierry Desmarest ICM 1967 isChairman and CEO Total
Carlos Ghosn ICv 1975 is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Anne Lauvergeon ICM 1982 is Chief Executive Officer AREVA
Fabrice Brégier ICM 1983 is Chief Operating Officer


Our graduates are present in the top positions in companies in France or abroad.

Several are CEO of major conglomerates.


We can mention 2 Nobel Prizes: Maurice Allais in Economics, Georges Charpak in Physics.

Several graduates are now members of the Academy of Science or the Academy or Political and Moral Sciences.

We also count several Members of Parliament, Senators and Ministers in charge or retired.