Mines ParisTech Foundation

MINES ParisTech can raise money through its Foundation which enjoys charitable status and therefore allows tax-exempt gifts.


Created in 1946, the Foundation provides support for MINES ParisTech’s goals and missions:

  • Sustaining the international development of the School in becoming a world-class reference in education and research


  • Sustaining the School’s position as a major innovative player


  • Promoting interaction between MINES ParisTech and its societal needs


As regards its budget, the Foundation has always been committed to spending a minimum of 95% of donations on the School’s projects thanks to its low administrative costs.


The Foundation organization:


  • A Board committee (meeting once a year)


  • An Executive committee (meeting regularly)



The Foundation staff:

tel: +33 1 40 51 90 21 / email: benoit.legait [at] mines-paristech.fr
General Delegate
tel: +33 1 40 51 94 21 / email: antoine.battistelli [at] mines-paristech.fr
Danielle GOZLAN
tel: +33 1 40 51 90 16 / email: danielle.gozlan [at] mines-paristech.fr
fax: +33 1 40 51 90 25