Ways to support MINES ParisTech

Online Donations


Click here for online gifts (only in French)


Worldwide Donations

Thanks to Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) you can make tax-exempt donations from anywhere in Europe. TGE is a partnership of leading European foundations that facilitates tax-exempt cross-border giving within Europe. TGE is currently operational for donations from at least a dozen European countries. There are also opportunities for USA fiscal residents thanks to a partnership with Friends of Fondation de France in the USA.

Please contact us if you wish to donate using TGE or Friends of Fondation de France.


Sending a Donation

You can, at any time, download and fill in the donation form from this website. You can then send your gift (cash, cheque or direct debit order) directly to the foundation office, whose address is on the form. You will receive your fiscal receipt shortly after, as required.


Click here to download the donation form!


Annual Donations

Some of the School’s key priorities require constant support. You can choose to make a regular annual donation to ensure your help has a permanent, continued impact. 

Please contact us if you wish to make an annual donation.



The School has already benefited from legacies, which reflect very personal commitment to our goals. A will is required for making a legacy and we strongly advise you to consult your legal advisor if you wish to make a bequest to MINES ParisTech. We shall be happy to discuss with you any plans you may have for making a legacy.


Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are considering a major gift and wish to discuss the matter with our fundraising manager.


Your contact for gifts & legacies:
Solenne Couraye du Parc – Campaign Manager                                                                 tel: +33 1 40 51 90 15 / e-mail: solenne.couraye_du_parc [at] mines-paristech.fr