Tax-exempt Donations


The French fiscal system is one of the most favourable for encouraging philanthropy.                                                                                                                                                                      

If you are a French fiscal resident, you can benefit from a tax rebate either on your income tax - 66% of your gift is refunded up to 20% of your total income - or on your wealth tax - 75% of your gift is refunded up to €50,000.

  • For example, if you make a gift of 1,000€ to MINES ParisTech, you will only spend 340€ as you can claim back 660€ from your income tax.


You can also make tax-exempt donations from abroad.

If you are a European fiscal resident, you can make a tax-exempt donation thanks to the TGE programme.

There are also opportunities for USA fiscal resident thanks to a partnership with Friends of Fondation de France.

 If you want more information about these programs, please contact:
Solenne Couraye du Parc – campaign manager                                                                tel: +33 1 40 51 90 15 / e-mail: solenne.couraye_du_parc [at]