Donors testimonies

Stéphane Delacote - Alumnus 1988 

What did MINES ParisTech mean to you as a student?
" My years of studies at Mines ParisTech cannot be so easily summed up in a few words… All I can say is I have got a lot out of these three years as well on cultural, social or on personal ground: my mind got broadened on the world and I gained in maturity too. Up to now, I am still in touch with the friends I have met at Mines ParisTech. The friendship links between us remain intact even now that we are no more the young people we used to be."

 Why did you make a gift to your School?
"I chose to donate to the School because I am deeply convinced that in our fast changing societies, education is a key element that is worth investing in for. I have just turned forty and 40 is a pivotal stage where one has lots of questions about the way of living and the world around. Moreover working in the financial circles (as everyone knows Finance has just gone through a hard period), even if according to me the crisis is not really over, makes me think that our society tends too much to focus on efficiency, performance and profit research. These values are not really bad intrinsically, but tend to conceal our other values (not the least important) such as sharing, education or the meaning of living together. This crisis must encourage us to find a better balance between all these different values that are basically complementary. My donation is a step towards this direction.
As Mines ParisTech was one of my best education experiences, it is quite natural for me to help it to move forward in the achievements of its meaningful projects.
I also have the feeling that nowadays our world is like a little town. We are all neighbours on this planet. Education must switch to this newly globalised world. After all, Mines ParisTech is only a small institution on a worldwide scale. We must, for instance, help the School to welcome students from all over the world and the Mines ParisTech Foundation has an important part to play on this concern."
To conclude, my donation to the foundation is paltry comparing with what Mines ParisTech brought me!
You have given generously to the internationalization of MINES ParisTech out of the other Campaign priorities (the students, the campus, the research). What drew you to this particular cause?

"I chose to allocate my donation to the internationalization of the School. Indeed, even if I have much appreciated my training at MINES ParisTech, I remain aware of the fact that it has to strive to take up on an international rank. The School small size is a structural restraint to its international development. On this point, ParisTech is a good initiative that will enable the School to rise to an international standing."

What are now your expectations towards MINES ParisTech?

"I wish to spend more time contributing to the School projects, not only financially, but also with my ideas and my experiences."

What to you wish for its news students?

"I wish the students can make the most of their training at Mines ParisTech as I did and that they keep their mind opening to the outside world. I also wish them lots of experiences as well abroad as with foreigners in order to complete the opening of their mind to the world."

Is it important for you that other alumni take part and contribute to the MINES ParisTech Development Campaign?
"Yes of course! Alumni support is crucial in order to influence the good development of MINES ParisTech. Their life experience is a strength the School should use. Nevertheless, they are to be motivated. They should get involved in an adventure, a dynamic that would gather all the alumni community on the Development Campaign."