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Internships, first job, VIE (or any 'graduate fast-track programme'), CIFRE contract for PhD students


Our academic programmes include 4 levels of internships:

  • 1st Year traineeship: it is a 4-weeks blue-collar traineeship, usually taking place in February.


  • 2nd Year traineeship: it is a 4-months international executive internship, usually taking place from June to September. This internship has to be conducted abroad.


  • Working Gap Year: Students may take a year off to work in a company abroad, at their own initiative, between the second and the third year. For more information on this specific programme please contact Gérard Viguie.


  • 3rd Year traineeship: it is a 16 weeks minimum ‘Minor’ internship. This internship is strongly related to the Minor chosen by the student. The 16 weeks of internship must be chosen within a proposed calendar from January to August.


  •  Additional « Minor » traineeship for Ecole Polytechnique’s students preparing a double degree at MINES ParisTech (approx. 30 per year): related to the Minor, from July to December.


You can upload your offers online below

Thanks to this tool, you can enter and manage your offers directly. Offers can apply to any of our students, from Master level to Doctorate level. It can be an internship, a specific contract (such as CIFRE for PhD students) or a first job for graduates.