Maurice Allais Prize of Economic Sciences Giving

Carrying on the remembrance and extending the work of the Nobel Prize, Professor at the Engineering School.

On 31 may 2013, date of Maurice Allais birth, the one and only French who has ever been awarded the Nobel Prize of Economic Sciences, a ceremony took place in order to deliver the First Maurice Allais Prize of Economic Sciences.




The laureates of the 2013 Maurice Allais’ Prize, surrounding Bertand
Munier and Christine Allais (picture : NIKO). 

Three laureates and two nominated

The 2013 Maurice Allais’ Prize was jointly awarded to Mr Pr Roger Farmer, Distinguished Professor, University of California and Senior Norman-Houblon Fellow, Bank of England, Mrs Carine Nourry, Professor at Aix-Marseille University, GREQAM, I.U.F and Mr Alain Venditti, Director of the Research at the CNRS, GREQAM- Aix-Marseille University and Affiliate Professor at the EDHEC, thanks to their article "The Inefficient Markets Hypothesis : Why financial markets do not work well in the real world", accepted for insertion in the 2012 series of the work documents of the American National Bureau of Economic Research ("NBER Working Papers Series"). 

Besides, two other candidates have also been nominated by the Jury: 

Mr Pr Alfred Galichon, Professor at Paris Institute of Political Studies, thanks to his article : "Dual theory of choice with multivariate risks", published in 2012 in collaboration with Mark Henry in the "Journal of Economic Theory" ;  

Mr Pr Philippe Mongin, Director of the Research at the CNRS, Professor at H.E.C., thanks to his contribution entitled "Duhemian Themes in Expected Utility Theory", published in 2009 in "French Studies in the Philosophy of Science", under the supervision of A. Brenner et J. Gayon, "Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science". 


Promotiong research in economics

This Prize is given by the Fondation Maurice Allais, foundation created in memory of such an economist, at his daughter’s initiative, Christine Allais. The Fondation Maurice Allais is housed by the Fondation ParisTech, foundation recognised as promoting the public interest, dedicated to higher education and research.  

Beyond its intention to honour and extend the remembrance of one of the most important names of the French enconomic thought, the Fondation Maurice Allais aims, through this Prize, to promote the continuation of his work, helping to follow his steps as far as the research in economics is concerned, applying a true scientific approach to the analysis of economic issues and declining all explanatory processes based on ideological and conceptual preconceptions.  

The Jury of the Prize is set up by the scientific council of the Fondation Maurice Allais, chaired by Pr Bertrand Munier, Professor emeritus of Paris IAE (Paris 1 University), International Affiliate Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of New-York, surrounded by two presidents of honour, Mr Marcel Boiteux and Jean-Claude Trichet. 

Maurice Allais, who has been professor at the École des Mines de Paris (now called MINES ParisTech) from 1944 to 1988, is a major figure of this institution where his print does remain.