Schedule - Academic calendar

Here are the main dates of our programmes

Master's degree in Science and Executive Engineering programme

Main dates in 2009-2010


Event Date
Welcome/Registration of new students in Graduate 1st year (international admissions, local admissions) Monday 31st August, 8.30
Welcome/Registration of Undergraduate year Monday 7th September, 8.30
Welcome/Registration of Graduate 1st year (all students) Tuesday 8th September, 8.30
Welcome/Registration of Graduate 2nd year (all students) Monday 28 September, 14.00
TRIUM Forum Wednesday 21st October
'All-Saints' Holiday Friday 30th October
ATHENS programme week (Grad students) Saturday 14 November to Saturday 21 November
Students' show Monday 7th December
Christmas Holidays Saturday 19th December to Sunday 3rd January
End of Autumn Semester and Winter Holidays (Grad students) Saturday 30th January to Sunday 7th February
ATHENS programme week (Grad 1st year)  Saturday 13th March to Saturday 20th March
Easter Holidays  Saturday 17th April to Sunday 2nd May
'CARTEL' sport competition  Thursday 6th and Friday 7th May
Engineer internship period (Grad 1st year)  Thursday 3rd June to Sunday 26th September
Summer Holidays (Undergrad)  Wednesday 30th June onwards
Defence of final thesis (Grad 2nd year)  Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th June
Graduation ceremony  Thursday 1st July