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                     Peggy Bouchet PO9  Marraine, a model...

Daring, courage and persistence.

The year 2009’s marraine of Master Degree in Science and Executive Engineering, Peggy Bouchet, lives the values which she advocates.

Although she was born in the mountains, Peggy enjoyed very early the maritime world, and dashed into the adventure never realized by a woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. At 24 years, after two years of relentless preparation, having resigned from her job in 3M, having created her own company to manage and organize her adventure, she leaves for 5500 km roadtrip. A day before berthing she capsizes, remains for nine hours clinged to her boat and is saved only at the last minute. But faithful to her motto " Dare always, give in sometimes, to give up never ", Peggy ventured again one year later, to succeed in finally with "the indescribable pride to have gone beyond herself".

Now Peggy manages her companies, but at the same time she works in partnership with high schools within the framework of her adventures and some taste to undertake because she is a communicating person who likes making share her values. She is the Forewoman of European comittee " Envie d’agir (Urge to act) ". She is also member of the " Club des amis de la mer (Friends of the Sea Club) " within Grenelle de la mer 2009, but she also brings her expérience of project management in new programs for the valuation of renewable energies by associating the technologies of future (air-sea WINDREAM-ONE program).

  MIG 2010, what a great team !