The "Corps des Mines"

As a special feature of French education,

the programme for the Corps technique de l’État at MINES ParisTech aims to train senior civil servants in France who have already acquired a sound scientific and technical training.

These graduates hold positions of responsibility in the ministry in charge of the economy as well as in other ministries (eg. ecology, energy, sustainable development, territorial planning, research and health, etc.).



The programme is intended for students who have graduated at the École Polytechnique or through a specific entrance contest after leaving the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm, Cachan and Lyon), MINES ParisTech or TÉLÉCOM ParisTech (civil engineer cycle) or who are in possession of a PhD.

The training programme for engineers in the Corps des Mines is jointly provided by MINES ParisTech and TÉLÉCOM ParisTech. The main aim of the course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge about how companies operate, together with a sound understanding of government responsibilities in the technical and economic fields.