The international approach is at the forefront of the Schoolís vision of the future: partnerships, scholarships, multiculturalist programmes...


  • MINES ParisTech takes part in 150 cooperation programmes with universities throughout the world that are leaders in their fields. These partnerships provide great opportunities for discoveries, multiculturalism and scientific exchanges.



  • 30% of our students come from 50 different countries. Within the context of international competition to attract the most talented students, MINES ParisTech must offer a scholarship package adapted to each foreign student who will also choose their destination on that basis. This includes welcoming support, tuition in French, integration trips and accommodation. So far, thanks to the campaign, we can cover 100% of our foreign students’ needs in scholarships, thereby enhancing the School’s international development.


Interview of Farah Amro, beneficiary of a Zaleski Foundation scholarship:

What do you think of MINES ParisTech as a foreign student?
It is the institution that enables me to acquire a near-vocational training.
What does the grant you received from the Mines ParisTech Fondation mean to you?
It is the only way for me to acquire this training in France, without the Foundation's financial help, I would not be able to come and study in France.
It is a tremendous chance to be able to study at Mines ParisTech. Its general educational and its professionalism degree courses offer me lots of opportunities for the future.