People in 2014

Award winners, major industrialists, researchers, students, laureates, all strongly committed, …

These are the men and women who make up the MINES ParisTech community and display dedication, energy and sincerity.

Prizes, Rewards, Alumni 


  • Gérard Berry, Ingénieur civil des Mines (P70), 2014 CNRS Gold Medal!

Holder of the first chair in computer science at the Collège de France since 2012, research director at INRIA, Gérard Berry has long deployed his talent at MINES ParisTech. He was first a researcher and director of research. Between 1993 and 2000 he conducted one of its research laboratories, the Applied mathematics Centre, MINES ParisTech - CMA.

                                                        Inria / Photo C. Tournaire
  • Philippe Lefebvre winner of the Academic Research Award in Management Syntec-FNEGE -MESR

Philippe Lefebvre, assistant Professor at Centre for Management Science, MINES ParisTech - CGS, won the Academic Research Award in Management Syntec-FNEGE-MESR in the category Operation Management, Control/Information Systems & Technologies in April 2014. This award recognizes an article on driving innovation in clusters (eg, competitive hubs) published in the International Journal of Technology Management.





  • Corinne Jouanny receives 2014 Woman of Innovation award 

On 17 September, Corinne Jouanny, alumnus MINES ParisTech, Executive Director of Altran Pr[i]me, and a renowned  player in the field of collaborative innovation, was designated Woman of Innovation at the 2014 Women in Industry award ceremony organised by the weekly French business magazine, l'Usine Nouvelle. "We have centred our methods around the different types of usage by pooling multi-skilled and diversified teams with Altran Pr[i]me designers to create value and enhance performance", declared Corinne Jouanny.



  • Saïd Ahmidouch, a Moroccan alumnus, at the head of the International Social Security AssociationDuring the 110th meeting of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), in Geneva, Said Ahmidouch, 55, alumnus MINES ParisTech, current Director General of the National Security Fund (Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale (CNSS)) of Morocco, was elected as the new vice-president of the International Social Security Association. Said Ahmidouch has been managing CNSS since 2005. In this position, he was able to implement a mandatory health insurance (SHI).



  • David Vissière among top 10 most innovating French personnalities

"The best engineers are the key to innovation" says David Vissière, Ecole Polytechnique student and PhD MINES ParisTech, recognized among 10 French most innovative personalities, in the 2nd edition of the MIT Technology Review of the Innovators under 35, France.



  • An alumnus in the Tunisian government: Hédi Larbi

Graduated by Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (now MINES ParisTech) in 1973, Harvard Business School, and MIT, Hédi Larbi was appointed, in January 2014, Minister for Equipement, Land-use Planning and Sustainable Development in the current government of Mehdi Jomaâ.
Former director for the World Bank for the Mashrek, Hedi Larbi has more than 35 years of professional experience, mainly in the areas of economic and social development, administration and management of public and private institutions, in the development and management of public economic and social infrastructure.