People in 2012

Award winners, major industrialists, researchers, students, laureates, all strongly committed, … 

These are the men and women who make up the MINES ParisTech community and display dedication, energy and sincerity.

Prizes, Rewards, Alumni



  • Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI)

Olivier Bomsel, professor at Centre for industrial economics, MINES ParisTech - CERNA has been elected, Vice-President of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI).

  • Académie des technologies

Thierry Weil associate professor, at Centre for industrial economics, MINES ParisTech - CERNA, managing director of "La Fabrique de l'industrie" (Think Tank, launched on October 1st 2011), was elected to the Académie des Technologies, in December.

  • Prize André MISSENARD

The Prize André MISSENARD, was handed to Bruno Peuportier, research academics at Centre for Energy efficiency of Systems (MINES ParisTech - CES) in September, during the general assembly of the AICVF (Association des Ingénieurs en Climatique Ventilation et Froid), for the exemplary actions which he led in favor of the design of energy-saving buildings and to low environmental impacts, as well as for his teaching and research activities. The jury of AICVF particularly appreciated his works on dynamic thermal modeling, widely recognized, and also his will to promote a global approach of the environmental quality for the buildings.

More about the AICVF, an associate member of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).

  • Visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford University from October 2012 until April 2013

Dr. Elie Hachem research academics at the Centre for material forming (MINES ParisTech - CEMEF) is invited as a visiting Assistant Professor at Stanford university. He joined the FRG research group at the Aeronautics and Astronautics department.

  • Acta Materialia's Golden Medal 2013

We are particularly happy to announce that the 2013 Acta Materialia's Golden Medal, was awarded to André Pineau professor at the Centre of materials - MINES ParisTech. France occupies now the third position out of seven for the number of Acta Materialia medal-holders, behind the United States and the United Kingdom, with two other medal-holders, among them, Jacques Friedel, also scientist at MINES ParisTech. Let's not forget, that André Pineau, member of the Académie des Technologies, was the prize-winner of numerous scientific distinctions, among others the 1989 silver medal of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), the medal of the FEMS (Fédération Européenne de Sociétés savantes en Sciences des matériaux), 1997, of the 1999 Great Medal SF2M, and quite recently the 2011 Irwin medal  awarded by the Comité fatigue et fracture of the American Society for Testing and Materials International.

  • Silver medal of the CNRS for Samuel Forest

Samuel Forest, doctor CNRS (National center for scientific research) - INSIS (Engineering and Systems Sciences'Institute), and professor (teaching and research) at the Centre of materials - MINES ParisTech won the silver medal of CNRS. Samuel Forest is also the manager of the F2Msp (fédération francilienne, mécanique, matériaux, structures et procédés) of the CNRS. The Silver medal of the CNRS distinguishes researchers, at the beginning of their rise, but already nationally and internationally recognized for the originality, the quality and the importance of their works.

  • Gilles Le Blanc, assistant director of Aurélie Filippetti's cabinet

Gilles Le Blanc research academics, manager of Centre for industrial economics (MINES ParisTech - CERNA) from 2003 till 2007, was appointed assistant director of the cabinet of the Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippetti, the 6th of June 2012. He will handle the press, the digital technology and the higher education. Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, doctor of economics of MINES ParisTech. Gilles Le Blanc is very much involved in the economy of the digital technology, in the innovation and competition, in the industry, as well as in the associated public policies.

  • Appointment  as expert in the "3D GT" workgroup of the ANSES

Philippe Fuchs, professor at the Robotics Centre (MINES ParisTech - CAOR) was appointed expert in the "3D GT" workgroup of the ANSES (Agence Nationale de SEcurité Sanitaire de l'alimentation, de l'environnement et du travail), in March, 2012. The  "3D GT" has to investigate the risks of using stereoscopic screens (called "3D" commercially) for workers, everybody, more particularly young children. The "3D GT" consists of ten experts, who come from the Healthcare sector for most part of them. This appointment follows upon the researches led to the Robotics Centre and those in partnership with the IRBA (Institut de Recherches Biomédicales des Armées).

  • Appointment at the ADEME scientific council

Matthieu Glachant, economist of the energy at MINES ParisTech, in charge of the Centre for industrial economics (MINES ParisTech - CERNA), is one of the 15 members of the ADEME new scientific council (Agency for environment and energy economics) named for 5 years, by decree.

The mission of the council is to direct the scientific policy of Ademe. It is consulted in particular on the study and research programs undertaken by the agency or in which it intervenes, and it also formulates advices and proposals to both the board of directors and the supervising ministers.


In 2012, Matthieu Glachant was also appointed Visiting Senior Fellow of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environement, at the London School of Economics.

London School of Economics




  • Young researcher Inria award 2012 for Francis Bach

A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and an engineering graduate of X-Mines, Francis Bach has become an internationally acknowledged specialist in the field of statistical machine learning. A field he has been boldly exploring for some ten years now. His research at the interface between applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science finds applications in an impressive variety of domains, such as artificial vision, processing of audio signals, bioinformatics, and cerebral imaging.

To learn more about his project team on Statistical Machine Learning and Parsimony

  • 2012-2013 Yahoo! Fellowship in Residence at Georgetown University

Francesca Musiani, PhD,  Centre for the Sociology of Innovation (MINES ParisTech-CSI), is selected as the 2012-2013 Yahoo! Fellow in Residence at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Her research there will focus on the theme "The 'Alternative Internet': User control and the reshaping of Internet infrastructure".

Fellowship programme website

Meanwhile, she is going to be affiliated to Berkman Center for internet and Society - University of Harvard

  • A pioneering figure in computational geometry

Bernard Chazelle has just been appointed to the chair in Information Technology and Digital Sciences of College of France, created in association with the Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (INRIA, or National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control).

Bernard Chazelle, alumnus of MINES ParisTech, PhD Yale, has been professor at Princeton University since 1986, where he holds the Eugene Higgins chair in Computer Science. As the Director of the NSF Center for Computational Intractability, his research focuses on algorithms and complexity.

Chaire informatique et sciences numériques du Collège de France



  • An Alumni on the front page

In January, 2012, Fouad Douiri, Ph.D. of MINES ParisTech, was appointed Minister of Energy, Mines, Water affairs and Environment of Morocco. His thesis, supported in 1985 was on: geologic and geotechnical study of the stability of the sides of an open-cast mine: the discovery of Decazeville.



  • Prize of the CSMA and Paul Caseau Prize (French Academy of Technology and Electricité de France) for a PhD thesis

Vladislav Yastrebov, PhD student at the Centre of materials received the 2012 prize from the Computational Structural Mechanics Association (CSMA) for the scientific quality of his thesis on Computational contact mechanics: geometry, detection and numerical techniques, its original and innovative character for the calculation of the structures, the quality of the publications stemming from the work, the potential or realized applications.
Besides, the 18th of June, Vladislav Yastrebov was awarded the Paul Caseau Prize for his thesis.