People in 2011

Award winners, major industrialists, researchers, students, laureates, all strongly committed, …  

These are the men and women who make up the MINES ParisTech community and display dedication, energy and sincerity.

Prizes, Rewards, Alumni




  • Circle of World Fellows

Anthony Bunsell, world fellow ICCM (Composite International Committee of Materials) was named president of "Circle of World Fellows", group of experts in the field of composites.



  • First Medal Irwin, for a french scientist, in 2011

André Pineau, professor in the Centre of materials, is the first French prize-winner of the Medal Irwin. The Committee "Fatigue and fracture" of the International American Society for testing and materials awarded André Pineau, the Medal Irwin 2011 for his "remarkable and innovative contribution to the practical applications of the Fracture mechanics, in particular with the development of the local approach of the Fracture".



  • "La Fabrique de l'industrie"
    Thierry Weil, professor at MINES ParisTech, was named Managing director of "La Fabrique de l'industrie", Think tank, launched on October 1st 2011, by a group of industrialists and chaired by Louis Gallois (EADS). "La Fabrique de l'industrie" means to be a place independent from reflections and from debates. By associating all the stakeholders, establishing a shared diagnosis, analyzing the public policies and preparing the future, "La Fabrique de l'industrie" suggest helping in the construction of an ambition for medium and long-term industry, in an European and worldwide frame.


  • Gilles Le Blanc, professor, Centre for industrial economics (MINES ParisTech - CERNA) becomes economist associated with l'Usine Nouvelle. He will bring a wealth of experience on the industrial economy, to the editorial staff of this weekly world-renowned newspaper, will coordinate unique studies and researches as well as he will liven up a blog dedicated to industry.


  • Pierre-Olivier Bouchard, Associate Professor, Centre for material forming (MINES ParisTech - CEMEF) was nominated Visiting Research Scientist, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA, from 9 August 2011 to 30 July 2012.

  • ICED 11 Reviewers ' Favourite

The science communication: " A systematic approach of design theories using generativeness and robustness", co-authored by the design team of the Centre of scientific management (MINES ParisTech - CGS): Armand Hatchuel, Pascal Le Masson and Benoît Weil and Yoram Reich (Tel Aviv University)  won a "Reviewers’ Favorite" at International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED 11, in August in Copenhagen.

From left to right: Pascal Le Masson, Yoram Reich (Tel Aviv University), Armand Hatchuel, Benoît Weil.


  • Marius Verscheure, PhD MINES ParisTech, received the Van Weelden Award 2011 of the EAGE ((European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers), in Vienna, the 24th of May 2011, for his thesis at MINES ParisTech Geosciences, defended in December 2010. Honoured for his new and very creative approach in the field of history matching for fractured reservoirs, his work has been presented at several conferences and should be useful in the more detailed characterization of fractured reservoirs.


  • Georges-André Silber, Computer science Centre (MINES ParisTech - CRI), and Pierre Larrède DILA (Direction of the legal and administrative information) received collectively, the 19th of May 2011, the prize of the best scientific contribution i-exhibition 2011 for the development of an application allowing the access to the essential databases of the law on mobile phones.


  • Dominique Dron, Ingénieur général des mines, was nominated Interministerial Delegate for Sustainable Development and Commissioner-general for Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Town and Country Planning, in May 2011. She was president of the Interministerial Mission on the Greenhouse Effect between 2002 and 2004, and practiced, from 2004 till 2010, as full professor of the Chair "New energy strategies" which she created in MINES ParisTech. To note, from July, 2007 till September, 2010, she was Adviser of the Minister of State Jean-Louis Borloo, in charge of the "Grenelle de l'Environnement".


  • Predit prize
    The Predit prize awarded to the project ANR AROS in the category "competitiveness of the industry of transports" was handed to Arnaud de la Fortelle in charge of Robotics Centre (MINES ParisTech - CAOR), on May 11th 2011. Based on the concept of RTMaps, software stemming from the works of Robotics Centre, industrialized by Intempora and used all over the world by the major actors of the automobile, as for instance: Valéo, AROS (Automotive Robust Operating Services) develop a new platform of real-time development directed components to reach the next level:  the one of distributed and cooperative systems.


  • Jérôme Crépin, research academics, Centre of materials, president of MECAMAT, was elected president of the FFM, Fédération française des matériaux which brings together 25 societies and associations concerned by materials.



  • Weezic received the Grand Prix for "Internet and services" during the 12th edition of the Tremplin Entreprises, organized by the Sénat and ESSEC on July 4th, 2011. Tremplin Entreprises, which gathers owner-managers and investors, is the reference competition in France on the setting up of new innovative start-up. Weezic, on-line platform for the practice of music, is carried by Grégory Dell'Era, alumnus of MINES ParisTech (Minor "Innovation and Entrepreneurship") and by Nicolas Arbogast (ESCP Europe). They worked at Bath and C°, and leaved this company to complete their project, during one year. "The example of the start-up Weezic is a complementary process of the approach recommended in our School, the setting up of a company by students during or just after their Master Degree in Science and Executive Engineering" said Philipe Mustar, professor in charge of Minor "Innovation and Entrepreneurship".
                                              Nicolas Arbogast and Grégory Dell'Era


  • First prize Bodycote

    The Société française de métallurgie et de matériaux (SF2M) awarded the first prize Bodycote to Gilles Rolland for his thesis, pursued at the Centre of materials, and supervised by Michel Jeandin

    This prize reward innovative and application research works and\or development concerning the improvement of: properties, methods or processes.