230 years of history


You can join a school in which history and heritage are an integral part of its identity and durability.

MINES ParisTech was created in 1783, when the exploitation of mines was a high-technology industry. Quite naturally, the skills of the School followed the development of industry and MINES ParisTech, nowadays, studies, develops and teaches all the useful techniques for engineers, including economic and social sciences.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary teaching, the School trains non-specialized engineers, able to resolve a really complex problem, or to carry out an industrial project, and treat all the highly technical aspects, as well scientific, sociological, economic as ethical.

The background of the School, connected to the industry of mines, concentrating all the scientific knowledge, opens all the fields of research today: transport, energy, mechanics …

Ever since 1783, the School has always been able to keep ahead of a changing world by taking part and launching projects with future potential.